Tom and Jerry Games is a popular section on Everybody has seen at least one episode from the famous Tom and Jerry cartoons. Tom & Jerry characters have been created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Kids love to watch Tom and Jerry episodes all day long and they have a good time while watching. We know that Tom (the cat) is always looking for troubles and tries to catch Jerry (the mouse). Now you can play with both and decide who should win each figth.

Tom and Jerry games for kids are also a good way to keep your small children busy and safe while playing online games. They can have endless hours of fun by playing these cat and mouse games.

In some Tom and Jerry online games you have to choose the cartoon character you want to play. Tom And Jerry Super Ski Stunts is a fun game to play. Tom makes water skiing and he has to perform stunts. You can move Tom with the left-right arrows and you can perform stunts by pressing the Z, X and C keys.

Some of the best free Tom and Jerry games from Cartoon are: Refriger-Raiders, Tom's Trap-o-Matic, Tom and Jerry in what's the catch? and Food Free-for-All.

In Tom and Jerry Refriger Raiders you can play with Tom or Jerry. If you play with Jerry then you have to feed the hungry Nibbles. Use the arrow keys to move around the refrigerator and drop the cheese using Space key. Avoid getting hit by Tom or you'll lose a life. If you get hit 3 times then it's game over. If you play with Tom than you have a difficult mission. You have to throw water ballons at Jerry & Nibbles. You can only miss 5 times so calculate very well each throw.

Tom and Jerry online games are fun to play and you will enjoy our collection of free Tom and Jerry games.

In Tom's Trap-o-Matic you have to be really ingenious and create an advance system of traps to catch Jerry. You can choose between 2 rooms: the kitchen and the living room. Both rooms have obstacles and you have to combine different items in order to catch Jerry. Give this game a try and see if you manage to help Tom.

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