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naruto games

Naruto Games

Naruto Uzumaki is the protagonist of the ongoing Japanese manga series called Naruto, written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto appeared for the first time in the Japanese magazine called Weekly Shonen Jump #43 in 1999, published by Shueisha.

On this page you will find Naruto Games to play online for free. Choose the Naruto game that you want to play from the list below. You can also find Naruto games for kids to play and have fun.

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The Naruto series are iconic for the Japanese culture. Behind the story, there are several elements that remind of the Japanese religion or lifestyle. The most outstanding element of this kind is the fact that teenager Naruto is an incarnation of Nine-tailed Demon Fox.  When being just a child, his village, Konoha was attacked by this demon. No ninja in the village could defeat him. Therefore, extreme sacrifice had to be made. The fourth Hokage sacrificed his life to seal the Demon Fox inside an infant who is Naruto. The boy has a sign of this incarnation, as a sun shape on his belly. Naruto grew up, not knowing about this demon that is inside him. Everybody else in the village knew which made them treat Naruto in a rude way, as they saw not the boy, but the Demon Fox. Although this discrimination, Naruto grew up as an optimistic, full of energy boy. His dream was that of becoming a Hokage someday. The Hokage was a very respected and powerful ninja in the village. As the story goes on, Naruto finds out this well-kept secret of the Nine-tailed Demon Fox trapped inside him. He doesn’t lose faith; the entire contrary. He realises that he can use the force of the demon inside him to fight against evil and protect Konoha.

This would be the plot of Naruto series, including the Naruto games. Naruto games have appeared on various consoles from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. There are six parts in the Naruto games series:  Clash of Ninja, Ninja Council, Ninja Destiny, Path of the Ninja, Uzumaki Chronicles and Ultimate Ninja. Each part has various sequels. Naruto Shippuden games are part of the last series, “the Ultimate Ninja”. Also, Naruto Shippuden are a series of animes that appeared in 2007 and they are still on air. Naruto Shippuden games first appeared in April, 2007 in Japan, for the Play Station 2. The last of the Naruto Shippuden games was released in 2011, in Japan, for the Play Station Portable.

Furthermore, due to the extraordinary popularity of the series among kids and teenagers, various sites host Naruto games online. These Naruto games online include games such as Naruto fighting games or Naruto dress-up games, for each and every taste.

Online Naruto games are hosted by numerous sites, from countries such as Japan, the USA, or countries from Europe. These games are some sort of linking element between kids all over the world, a cultural element of adhesion.

Naruto games for kids have appeared as a result of the increased popularity of the character. Naruto teaches people that being orphan doesn’t automatically mean life will be wasted for him. He becomes a fighter against evil and a protector of the ones in need. Naruto games for kids have a hero who is concerned about his friends and for whom friendship is an important aspect in life, without which he cannot exist. Naruto is a superhero, but he has a human part, too. My advice? Play the Naruto games and you will surely have a good time and also learn a bit about life, about surpassing stereotypes. Naruto may be an orphan, but there’s nothing wrong with him, that could keep him away from being a superhero, a saviour of the human kind.