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The Simpsons Games online - The Simpsons Games for Kids

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It's impossible to be a fan of comedy cartoon shows and not be familiar with The Simpsons games and its animated series, and almost as hard to find someone that doesn't like to watch Homer's family, which is composed by Bart, his wife Marge, Lisa, Maggie and also their pets Snowball II, the cat, and Santa's Little Helper, a strange name for a dog.

The show was created by Matt Groening in 1989 and is still running with new episodes every year, costing millions to make every single one of them. They are basically a middle class American family and even though everyone likes to take a few minutes to laugh with them, not everybody has the chance to play The Simpsons games in their computer, either because they don't know they can enjoy it at HeroesArcade.com or because they don't have enough time.

Since you are lucky enough to have it, enjoy from puzzles to adventure games that most of the time will be related to a good joke or a lot of food, usually to Homer Simpson. Bart is one that is in many of them, not due to a sense of responsibility and will to make The Simpsons games online become successful, but because he is always getting himself in trouble with his skate or his dad's car, and it's always an opportunity that can be changed to an awesome game. The action and stunt versions are most of the time featured by him, which makes him one of the favorite of all the four, launching even opportunities to dress him up like a real bad boy.

Since they are out there for quite a long time, it's not hard to find free The Simpsons games for the kids, which is the name of one of the first games ever released about them, while The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants was also released in the same year, 1991. The old ones are rather as easy to find as the ones mentioned, or expensive due to its rarity. They still have from Pinball machines that are out there somewhere in arcades to new Apps with all the characters to be played on Android and iPhone, which basically keeps them in the market.

Since Bart was already mentioned, you might like to know that Lisa is different from most of her family and will probably have a successful future due to her amazing intelligence and knowledge about everything, which makes her perfect to be the protagonist of the logic thinking games of the series. There aren't many known hair salon themed ones to give Marge a special place in them, but she will still continue to be a good mother and the angel of the Simpsons while the show is still running. Homer, although he doesn't like to work and prefer to stay in his couch drinking beer and eating food, will honor you by showing himself in driving games and eating contests, also a great source of fun.