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Adventure Time Games online - Adventure Time Games for Kids

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Published by 2010 and since then inspiring new Adventure Time games, the cartoon show is still a huge success all around the world, for there is not a single person, kid or grown-up, that isn't captivated with the funny and interesting personalities of the two main characters, Finn and his weird brother that is actually a magical dog named Jake.

They live in the Land of Ooo, that is what is left of our own world after a catastrophic apocalypse. There they have a lot of friends like Marceline, who is the vampire queen and started as a strange kind of villain, the sweet Princess Bubblegum whose real name is Bonnibel and is always colored in pink and the Ice King, who is actually a villain, but becomes a funny character from the first moment it's obvious that he is always frustrated when trying to kidnap the princess.

The Adventure Time games online are most of the time about Finn and Jake, with both of them or only one trying to save the day or do something less useful, like eating endless candies. Talking about them, the whole land is basically inhabited by living beings that are completely made of sweets and desserts, which is nothing really supernatural compared to everything else around them. Flambo and Marceline are also probable to help or guide you when you play Adventure Time, either because they want to know you or because they need you to control them in the land of Ooo.

It doesn't matter if you prefer the virtual free Adventure Time games for kids with dressing up versions and amazing adventures or to explore and save the Candy Kingdom with one or more of the many video game consoles that currently have some of it in them, from the Nintendo 3DS to the Apps available for smartphones, tablets and iPhones. These ones that aren't to be played on the computer usually comes with weirdly long names like the first Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! and Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!, while the online are always easier to read.

Playing with them or watching to the animated series is always fun and it's almost impossible to not notice Finn's outfit, which is basically blue except for the white bear hat that was already strange enough with one person, until his female version from a parallel universe, Fionna, appeared with a rabbit one. Each one in its dimension, they are the last humans alive and therefore considered heroes for being the only survivors of the race, extinguished due to The Great Mushroom Wars, which is basically why they are almost normal while everything else makes no sense at all.

Choose between your favorite and either join Jake, a weird dog that can actually make magic happen, or Cake, the cat version of him that is also in the parallel universe, to save the Candy Kingdom from the evil plans of the Ice King once and for all.

Have fun at HeroesArcade.com and play free Adventure Time Games online for kids.