Ben 10 Savage Pursuit

Ben 10 Savage Pursuit

Ben 10 Savage Pursuit game

If you are into playing Ben 10 games online, you have to make sure you will not miss this cool Ben 10 game for kids called Ben 10 Savage Pursuit.

The goal of this cool Ben 10 hero game is to explore the territory and destroy all the villains that come towards you. Since Ben 10 is a special kid, he can transform into 4 different aliens. Each of the 4 aliens have special powers. While walking on the island you will encounter different enemies with different powers and you have to make sure you can defeat each one of them. In order to achieve this, try to use the transformation powers wisely and choose the correct hero each time you choose to transform yourself.

Each one of the four aliens you can transform into has special powers, special weapons so here is a piece of advice: try to learn their abilities and their weapons before the enemies gather up in front of you. This way you will be ready when the time comes and you will be able to eliminate all the hostile forces and your mission will be a success.

Here is the way to transform yourself into one of the four aliens: hold the Z key in order to enter the alien transformation panel. Once you are in front of the panel use the arrow keys to select your favorite alien. Use the alien special power and destroy all the enemies using those powers and then use the Z key to transform yourself into Ben 10 again.

Use the left and right arrow key to help Ben 10 move and press the Up arrow key to jump. Have fun playing this cool Ben 10 game online! Play more Ben 10 Games online at