Wolverine Mrd Escape

  • Move
  • Jump / Hide on the ceiling
  • Jump down
  • Attack, Open Doors and Activate Panels
Wolverine Mrd Escape

Wolverine Mrd Escape game

Play free Wolverine Mrd Escape games online. There's a company ruled by common humans that has been created to capture and lock mutants inside its prisons, with the excuse that they are dangerous. Of course their real intentions are completely different, for they want to discover what gives them a super power and learn how to create some of their own, to have their X Men games without any of Charlies Xavier's students. Wolverine was captured but managed to escape his jail, but he isn't safe yet for the exit is still too far away. Guide him and reach it before the soldiers manage to capture him. Play more X Men Games online at HeroesArcade.com.