Raze 2 Hacked

Raze 2 Hacked

Raze 2 Hacked game

Raze 2 hacked game is one of the most expected side shooter game from ArmorGames. The new Raze 2 game has more new weapons, new powerful equipement and more abilities to help you fight the alien force and save the humans. In this arena-based platform shooter game you can play on both sides: be the good guy and play with the humans and try to defeat the aliens. You can also be the bad guy and play with the aliens and try to destroy the Earth.

Many cool improvements have been added to Raze sequel, starting with better graphics, new sounds and a resource management that makes the combat action even faster and improves the weapon accuracy and physics of this game.

Before you play Raze 2 game online you should know the game controls.

For Movement use WASD or the Arrow Keys. Press Space to jump.
Use the mouse for Aiming / Shooting.
To select a specific weapon use the Number Keys and for Next / Previous Weapon use Q / E or Shift/Enter.
To use a special Ability press F / Ctrl key.

And finaly if you need to take a little break or if or something unexpected happens just press the ESC key (or P) to Pause the game.
When you finish your break get back to the game and start killing some aliens. Have fun playing Raze 2 Hacked game and share this game with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Play more Arcadeprehacks Games online at HeroesArcade.com.