Super Hero Squad Stones Of Thanos

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  • Iron Man
  • Scarlet witch
  • Nova
  • Thor
Super Hero Squad Stones Of Thanos

Super Hero Squad Stones Of Thanos game

Play Super Hero Squad Stones Of Thanos game online. Your mission is to solve puzzles with the help of your heroes Iron Man, Thor, Nova and Scarlet Witch. Iron Man is the leader of the Super Hero Squad, and he can invent or buy his way out of any problem he comes across. His teammates look up to their own knight in shining armor, and he leads them to victory with his rallying cry - Hero Up! As an officer of intergalactic law, keeping the peace is in Nova job description. When bad guys show, he is not afraid to unleash his cosmic power! Novas incredible speed is a great asset to his squad mates, whether hes is racing to stop an intergalactic threat, or bringing everyone pizza before it gets cold. Nobody can beat Scarlet Witch when it comes to energy, but sometimes her energy powers get in the way! Anything can (and does) happen when she is around, but the squaddies always have her back. Her magic is essential when it is saving the world time, and she always gets picked first at freeze tag. Thor is one of the strongest people on the planet and the God of Thunder. He is the only immortal capable of lifting Mjolnir his mighty hammer. Thors mission is to protect humanity. Play more Iron Man Games online at