Green Lantern Emerald Adventures

  • Move
  • Shoot
  • Jump
  • Switch Construct
  • Focus Camera
Green Lantern Emerald Adventures

Green Lantern Emerald Adventures game

Green Lantern Emerald Adventures is a cool 3D Green Lantern game to play online for free. In this 3D Unity game, you can play 8 missions in space and on different planets where you have to defeat the bad guys. Play as Hal or Kilowog and start the adventure as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Your mission is to defeat all the bad guys and become a guardian of the universe. Emerald Adventures is one of the first Green Lantern games developed in 3D, to excite the fans and costumers that like to play his missions. This time you can choose between the known hero or Kilowog, both really powerful and skilled with the green ring. After picking your favorite, explore a ship with amazing graphics and make sure the machines won't have the chance of hitting you, by shooting and killing them way before they try to do it. They are both really strong, but what will make the difference is your ability to control and guide them through the halls. Enjoy this free Green Lantern game! Play more Green Lantern Games online at