Batman Countdown To Conflict

  • Move / Dodge side attacks
  • Block Central attacks
  • Jab
  • Upper Cut
  • Punch
  • Batarang
  • Pause
Batman Countdown To Conflict

Batman Countdown To Conflict game

Play Batman Countdown To Conflict game online. Sidekick is a nice way to call someone that can give you some help during a hard fight, especially if you can pick one hero out of three great ones: Aquaman, Blue Beetle or Green Arrow. After picking up your favorite, it's time to fight against the thugs and the villain who hired them, using nothing but your useful batarangs and, of course, your fists. See how the battle goes from a very close point of view, not watching the Dark Knight fighting from a big distance anymore. Dodge when you need to, do not forget to avoid their punches. Play more Batman Games online at